About Me

I love travelling, did my fair share before becoming a mama and even more so with my active little girl. We started travelling when she was 10 months and I’ve travelled solo with her on long haul flights as well. She hates strollers since birth, much of the travels were with a heavy toddler on my back. Who needs to workout at the gym when you’re carrying 15kgs on your back everyday for hours? 🤪

We always travel well prepared so that meant travelling quite heavy! You get the picture. I was pretty active being able to travel and do quite a few things with my daughter.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. I had several months of hormonal treatments before surgically removing the fibroids.
During that course of few months, I had suffered from some side effects that took months to recover and it was an exhausting process to go through.

By chance I came across some natural products to first help me with the recovery from the hormonal treatment as I had lost my energy from the side effects. I just felt exhausted all the time. I had a few natural products to support my health and most of all, an amazing nutritional drink with some supplements helped me gain back my energy levels again and helped recover quickly post-op.

I’m back to living my life again, trying to lead a healthier lifestyle with the help of the natural products I use daily. I’m certainly looking forward to travelling again with my daughter soon.

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