I cook a lot of fusion dishes at home because of all the travelling we have done in the past. I'm here to share a few of my favorite dishes. Although I love cooking and wouldn't mind standing in the kitchen all day, I prefer quick meal preps because we can spend that much more time with our precious little people.

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    Easy Peasy Hummus

    Being in Japan, buying hummus isn’t so easy so I make mine at home. It’s super easy and is also a good source of fiber and proteins it makes a pretty good breakfast especially when I have a bit of bread left over to consume.   Also getting organic lemon is difficult here, I always see labels at the grocery store the imported lemons are sprayed with toxic chemicals that I can’t even pronounce to retain its freshness during transit. Organic and domestically harvested lemons are not available during the summer. Bottled lemon juice just isn’t the same, so I turn to lemon essential oils to give it that fresh…