I was never really conscious about the things in our personal products, makeup, food, cleaning products and much of the things in our home. Didn't think of flipping the back of the label and checking what's in it.

Little did I know those things could possible affect our well being but wouldn't one expect it would be good or helpful for us.

Ever thought of the possibility of your deodorant wreaking havoc on your health? What about your tooth paste?? And detergent??? Never imagined this in my wildest dreams until a few years ago. Now I'm here to talk a little more here. You can be informed. It's not difficult, I promise.

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    Easy Peasy Hummus

    Being in Japan, buying hummus isn’t so easy so I make mine at home. It’s super easy and is also a good source of fiber and proteins it makes a pretty good breakfast especially when I have a bit of bread left over to consume.   Also getting organic lemon is difficult here, I always see labels at the grocery store the imported lemons are sprayed with toxic chemicals that I can’t even pronounce to retain its freshness during transit. Organic and domestically harvested lemons are not available during the summer. Bottled lemon juice just isn’t the same, so I turn to lemon essential oils to give it that fresh…

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    What’s that “fragrance” in your body lotion?

    So, I like nice smelling things (urrrr who doesn’t?) I used to love the smell of big name fabric softeners and room sprays but I later came to find that those had “fragrance” in them along with other unwanted health hazardous chemicals in them. I’ve steered clear of them since but quite often you see fragrance as part of the ingredients in a lot of products like body lotion, perfumes, colognes and nice smelling body splashes. Quite honestly I did not care nor did it occur to me what that could possibly do to my health. I was choosing to smell like Strawberry Champagne than putting my health at risk.…