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What’s that “fragrance” in your body lotion?

So, I like nice smelling things (urrrr who doesn’t?) I used to love the smell of big name fabric softeners and room sprays but I later came to find that those had “fragrance” in them along with other unwanted health hazardous chemicals in them. I’ve steered clear of them since but quite often you see fragrance as part of the ingredients in a lot of products like body lotion, perfumes, colognes and nice smelling body splashes. Quite honestly I did not care nor did it occur to me what that could possibly do to my health. I was choosing to smell like Strawberry Champagne than putting my health at risk.

I did not even think fragrance could be some synthetic chemical that’s almost always derived from petrochemicals (imagine lathering yourself with some tar/petroleum… Eeeek doesn’t sound good to me and wouldn’t think twice about doing that for my 4 year old.)

Look up “fragrance health hazard” and go figure.

I came across a magazine article some years ago that made me aware that the big company products bought in supermarkets and department stores are full of chemicals and that could be endocrine disrupters, cause respiratory irritation and are also neurotoxins. Quite horrifying.

That brought me to my senses about thinking twice about what I put on myself because apparently 60% of substance that comes into contact with your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds. How’s that!

I didn’t know any better before but I did a bit of research online and it’s not that difficult to replace things in our homes with safer products. Just needs a bit of search, that’s all.




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